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All American Air

You deserve great service at a great price!

Our Pricing For Special Services

Need a special type of system, or have a specific air problem, then this is the place for you! Here you can find add-ons to your system that can help manage and make your system work for you.

  1. Duct/ Vent Cleaning
    Average cost $45.00 per register.
    Some odors/ allergies are due from build up in the vents and ducts. With duct and vent cleaning we can provide you with better breathable air.
  2. Zoning Systems
    Average cost is $1,350.00 per zone
    Zoning splits your house into different portions allowing air to be applied to areas you use more and reducing in areas you do not use.
  3. Energy Efficiency
    Please Call For a Quote
    Let us help bring your home up to date with; LED lighting, occupancy sensors, timers, dimmers, safety lighting, instant hot water and insulation.
  4. Advanced Air Systems
    Call to request an estimate
    With media filters, UV lighting, Ozone, moisture control and outside air filters; we want to bring you the best air quality we can.
  5. Unit Cleaning
    Starting at $250.00
    Keeping your unit clean is not always easy, so let us help. We do interior and exterior unit cleaning.
  6. Re-ducting
    Average cost $150.00 per duct drop
    Old ducts waste your new conditioned air; to help air flow and air quality. All American Air suggests re-ducting.