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All American Air

You deserve great service at a great price!

Services We Offer

  1. Service
  2. Maintenance
  3. Installation
  4. Ducting
  5. Zoning
  6. Efficiency
  7. Cleaning
  8. Mini-Split
  9. Purification
Troubleshooting in a timely manner is our key goal. Rest assured that with our knowledge and experience we can repair the toughest of problems. If your air conditioner needs repair, or if you need to install a new unit, please call 951.880.3412.  
 Air conditioners need tuneups much like cars. Just as you would tune up your car before a long road trip, you should tune up your air conditioning system before hot Southern California summers and your furnace before chilly winter weather. 
We do it all! No job is too big or too small. Whether your a home owner or large business owner, All American Air gets the job done right.
Sometimes it is not your equipment but your duct work. Allow us to install products that have the highest rating of energy efficiency. Our expert installation methods will improve your air flow, air quality, and reduce your cooling and heating cost. 
You and your system may not always see eye to eye. For example, you may have rooms that are no longer utilized, or maybe have an additional room added to your home. Hot spots, or cold spots; Zoning is the answer! Allow us to help move air to the areas you need it most.
Paying an arm and a leg in electrical cost? Our company installs smart systems to help reduce the energy consumption with a new high efficiency system, auto thermostat, damper controls, or occupancy sensors. All American Air will not only help you save now in installation costs, but later in your energy bills.
Have a garage, condo or possibly a mother-in law quarters that needs heating or cooling, but you do not want to take up all of your space with a package or split system?Maybe a mini-split system is your solution. With half the size of a standard system, these single to three room units can help beat the heat and the cold for your smaller applications.
Build up on units is common. Imagine what your vacuum picks up each week. This should give you an idea of how much dirt, grime, dust and pollen passes thru your system each week. To help clean up your units aptitude, allow All American Air to clean your system top to bottom. We use only environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-corrosive products to clean your system.
Do you live in the city, have pets, smoke in the home or maybe your inside air feels heavy and stale? With advanced air purifiers, scrubbers, UV lights and media filters you can say bye bye to those disgusting odors, dust, pollen and bacteria. Breathe easy knowing that your air is better quality than the air outside your front door.
  1. David Sanchez was very professional they completed the diagnostic & repair quickly. This is my 2nd time and I've been very pleased each time. I really like the tech app. That's very convenient so I don't have to wait at the property for them. Very pleased overall!

    Amy G.

  2. Great experience! David was friendly and helpful and arrived on time. He was a pleasure to deal with. Problem fixed.

    Lauren B